Agility Training
Classes & 1-2-1


I started learning about the amazing world of agility in 2015 with my rescue boy Cooper (top two photos). We started out with Very low expectations, but it was obvious that we were about to start a new amazing adventure together! Cooper wasn't the easiest dog to train, he had no recall, easily distracted and was a bit of a free spirit, fast forward 5 years and we have now competed at various events around the country, including the Kennel Club international festival. This event is the largest in the world with a huge amount going on, but we have had 2 first places, 2 second places a 3rd and a few other top ten placings, not bad for an easily distracted dog!

I now have Delta (the three photos at the bottom of the screen), a beautiful young Border Collie, Delta has huge potential to get to the highest level possible during her career. Delta has shown just how important the foundation work really is, because agility is much more than just going over some jumps and through a tunnel, it is a partnership, and it is that partnership that I am passionate about helping you discover.


If you are looking for something new to do with your dog then please do get in touch, my foundation classes are available to any dog over 6 months old, all use of the equipment will be age specific and your dog will learn how to negotiate everything in a safe and positive way.


As agility is an off lead sport, my only rule is that your dog is happy to be around other dogs and has a decent enough recall if needed. If your dog is struggling around other dogs, please contact me for some general dog training and advice prior to booking on to agility.

If you do have a dog that struggles around dogs but you would like to start agility please contact me to arrange some 1-2-1 sessions. This would be a great place to start with your dog and you wouldn't have the worry of other dogs. I am member of The International school of Canine psychology and Behaviour, this not only gives you an agility instructor, but also a dog trainer.  

If you have a dog that can negotiate all of the equipment I have 1 space left on a Grade 1-3 class. We will go through ways to improve your skills and confidence whilst competing. We will of course continue to improve your dogs skills whilst running a course, this will be done from running full courses and finding out what it is you need to work on to improve.

My classes are fun and safe for you and your dog, if you are interested then please get in touch.

If you would like to book a place on one of my beginner agility classes please go to the 'puppy, youngster and agility classes' section of my website.