About me

My career started as a checkout supervisor and from there I moved into administration within a medical laboratory. I quickly progressed within the laboratory, working my way up to Associate Practitioner. Although I enjoyed many years in this role, I made the bold decision to change career path to a true passion of mine - working with animals.

I have always loved dogs from an early age and I rescued my first dog, an easy-going Labrador x JRT in 2007. More recently in 2014 I rescued my current dog Cooper, a then very boisterous 1-year old Labrador x Rottweiler. I also currently own a bearded dragon and tropical fish and in the past have owned dogs, cats, leopard geckos, a chameleon, hamsters, rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Cooper has taught me a lot about dog behaviour, this has led to me learning more about how I can help him adjust to a new life.
I started to train in dog agility with Cooper in 2015 after a recommendation from Gemma Fisher at Daybreak Dogs. The mental stimulation really helped with day to day life and from there I was hooked. I am now competing with my well-rounded boy and am also teaching agility (foundation / beginner) at Daybreak Dogs.

I have had my gorgeous little Border Collie Delta since 10 weeks old, although I have been part of her development since she was a day old. She is the main star in the videos of my online puppy course and she has been a demo dog in group classes since she was about 16 weeks old. 

Delta is turning into a very promising agility dog and I will look forward to how far she can go in the future.

I am using my experience and knowledge gained from owning, training and completing various training courses on canine behaviour to help the local community with a variety of training and behaviour problems through 1-2-1 training.

I am a firm believer in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in order to be the best that I can be. Here is a list of courses, seminars and workshops attended-

Real Life Dog Training Presentation (August 2016) – Gemma Fisher, Daybreak Dogs.

Agility Instructor Training Starting Out Seminar, (October 2016) – Gemma Fisher and Martin Tait, Daybreak Dogs.


Raising a puppy talk with Gemma Fisher Daybreak dogs (September 2018)


Talk with Rosie Bescoby – Puppies! (January 2017)

Injury prevention in the agility athlete (January 2017) – Lowri Davies, The Smart Veterinary Clinic.

How to run a safe and successful dog walking business and canine first aid (July 2017) – Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor and Rachel Trafford, Moorlands Dog Rescue .


I have completed the following Open Study College courses-

TQUK Animal Care Level 2 (January 2017)

TQUK Animal Behaviour Level 3 (March 2017)

CPD accredited Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care (August 2017) - Dog First Aid

The following diplomas were achieved through the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB)-

Understanding what makes a dog tick (September 2017)

Setting up a successful training course (October 2017)

Puppy level training course (October 2017)

Sapphire level instructors course (November 2017)

Diamond Level instructors course (December 2019)

I am a member of The academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (January 2020)

I have completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour provided by The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour. (May 2020).


The Association of pet behaviour councellors virtual conference 2020 (APBC)

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